Third Street Phantom Coast

“This multi-media piece guides us down the corridor of 3rd Street and explores past and present neighborhoods adjacent to San Francisco’s eastern coastline. This thoroughfare between Candlestick Park and AT&T Park was originally rich in natural resources, supporting Ohlone communities long before it was contaminated by the Naval shipyards. It was also at one time a slaughterhouse and rendering district for the nearby Spanish ranchos, a hub for rendering whale oil and bone and a home to Chinese shrimping camps, before becoming a busy shipbuilding and steel production area. Goode and Pebworth’s audio and cartographical portraits of the area layer these latent phantom histories over the surface of the contemporary landscape, inspiring us to see afresh the communities and businesses along the present coast.”
–Valerie Imus, Curator.

Alison Pebworth – Map.
James Goode – Sound Design.
Commissioned for Yerba Buena Center for the Arts’ Bay Area Now 5 exhibition, 2008.