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About Me

I’m an audio engineer, composer, musician, songwriter, and sound designer based in Berkeley, California. I create original music and sound design for theater, film, video, live performance, dance, radio, recorded media, installations, and the web. I’ve worked with actors, animators, choreographers, composers, curators, directors, filmmakers, musicians, playwrights, visual artists, writers, and others on a wide variety of projects.


To bring innovative sound and music to theater, dance and motion pictures.


Mills College, Oakland, CA. MFA, Electronic Music and the Recording Media, 2000.
SUNY at Purchase, Purchase, NY. BFA, Video and Printmaking, 1989.


Music composition, sound design, recording, arranging, editing, mixing, mastering, QLab, Logic Pro, Audacity, wireless microphone systems.


The Glass Menagerie. Role Players Ensemble, 2019.
Escaped Alone / Here We Go. Anton’s Well Theater Company, 2019.
OUT of Site: SOMA. Eye Zen Presents, 2019.
Arden of Faversham. Theater of Others, 2019.
Justice for All. Town Kryer, 2019.
Leading Ladies. Hillbarn Theatre, 2019.
All the Way. Palo Alto Players, 2018.
Hamlet. Ubuntu Theater Project, 2018.
dirty butterfly. Anton’s Well Theater Company, 2018.
Baby Doll. Shelton Theater, 2018.
Pool of Unknown Wonders: Undertow of the Soul. Ubuntu Theater Project, 2018.
4.48 Psychosis. Anton’s Well Theater Company, 2018.
Oedipus at Palm Springs. Theatre Rhinoceros, 2018.
Antigone. Theater of Others, 2018.
Champagne. 6NewPlays, 2018.
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the Musical. Theatre Rhinoceros, 2018.
Dog’s Misery Swamp. David Jacobson, 2018.
The Miracle Worker. Altarena Playhouse, 2018.
Scapegoat. PlayGround, 2018.
Bright Shining Sea. PlayGround, 2018.
Best of PlayGround 22. PlayGround, 2018.
SNOOPY!!! The Musical. Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company, 2018.
The Human Ear. Anton’s Well Theater Company, 2018.
All’s Well That Ends Well. Theater of Others, 2018.
OUT of Site. Eye Zen Presents, 2018.
Transitions. Theatre Rhinoceros, 2018.
Grand Reopening Ceremony. Randall Museum, 2018.
Bat Boy, the Musical. Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company, 2018.
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. Altarena Playhouse, 2018.
Man of La Mancha. Custom Made Theatre Company, 2018.
This Wide Night. Anton’s Well Theater Company, 2017.
40/40 Vision. Playwrights Foundation, 2017.
Café Stories. The Unknown Players, 2017.
OH Justice! The Impact Fund, 2017.
The Fatales. Playwrights Foundation / Playwrights Festival, 2017.
LEAR! Theatre Rhinoceros / Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, 2017.
The Roaring Girl, or Moll Cutpurse. Theater of Others, 2017.
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the Musical. Theatre Rhinoceros, 2017.
Ping Pong State of Mind. Maligrad Contemporary Dance Company, 2017.
HAUNTERS. The Brain Factory, 2017.
Trepans of Yore. Cole Palme / Joyful Noise Recordings, 2017.
What I Hear When You Say... PBS, 2017.
The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident. FaultLine Theater, 2016.
Dorkcore – Team Awesome Battles Candor. Dawnrunner, 2015.
Animal R&R – Episodes 3 and 4. KPBS, 2015.


Jim Kleinmann
3286 Adeline Street #4
Berkeley, CA 94703
(415) 992-6677

Jake Rodriguez
111B Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 359-4693

William Winant
355 Staten Avenue #105
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 835-3638


James Fox

“I approach every project with sound design and music absolutely top of mind. This was the case for our most recent project, DORKCORE, and when we signed James Goode to the project something magical happened; I was able to offload all of that concern and information directly to him. Never before have I worked with a sound designer who was able to absorb and process information so quickly and thoroughly. I’m always dubious of a rough mix; you can quickly tell whether you’re going to go over time, or over budget. With James, his first rough cut was right on target, and exceeded all of our expectations. He found the areas where the sound could really immerse and/or captivate the audience. From initial contact all the way to final hand-off he was professional, and performed with that poise that only years of experience can provide. I can honestly highly recommend James Goode for your sound needs. You will not be disappointed.”

James Fox

CEO – Dawnrunner, Inc. Executive Producer – DORKCORE

Roger Powell

“James is one of the most talented musicians and studio craftsmen that I know. His creativity as a composer and sound designer is outstanding, and he always tackles a project with unique imagination. From concept to finished work, you will find his experience and versatility to be exceptional – he can deliver a superb musical experience for any type of project.”

Roger Powell

Musician / Composer / Inventor / Programmer

Owen Cooper

“Working on deadline for PBS I needed a quick musical interpretation of some clients’ notes. James quickly turned around several options for us all to choose from. We met the deadline with time to spare and left an important client very pleased. An easy collaboration with a knowledgeable craftsman and artist. Looking forward to working with James again very soon.”

Owen Cooper

Editor / Producer / Filmmaker Owner, Dancing Static Productions, LLC

Eve Edelson

“James Goode has been my go-to guy to run sound for Weird Film Fest. His calmness, thoroughness and professional hand on the sliders raises the quality of the event and lowers the stress level. He was also a patient and helpful presence on the crew of my most recent film. James is an all-rounder with a long list of clients for studio and live projects. I gladly recommend him for any project needing good sound.”

Eve Edelson

Filmmaker / Curator

Hank Grebe Animator

“I find James Goode’s original compositions an inspiration for my animated shorts. I could almost say my shorts get animated by the unique stimulation, pathos and humor present throughout James’ music. I’ve also worked with James on soundtracks for commercial projects, and he has the depth, range and technical expertise to deliver soundtracks that sync up perfectly with the visual content. It’s a special treat to collaborate with Mr. Goode.”

Hank Grebe


Seismogram of different seismic activity record vector illustration, earthquake wave on paper fixing, stereo audio wave diagram background. seismic tremors sign. Earthquake seismic activity

“James worked on a jingle for my business. I was more than impressed with the quality and creativity he applied to the project, while staying within the framework I gave him. Very original and fresh, talented and creative.”

Clay D.

Business Owner – Beethoven’s Gutter Works

Seismogram of different seismic activity record vector illustration, earthquake wave on paper fixing, stereo audio wave diagram background. seismic tremors sign. Earthquake seismic activity

“I’ve known James Goode for many years, worked and played in his studio on several occasions, and it’s always an unpredictable pleasure. Having witnessed over the decades the amassing of both state of the art recording gear and a vast assortment of atypical sound-making devices, the fact that his own recordings are so wildly diverse and patently odd comes as no surprise. What does frequently surprise me is the increasing depth and maturity of both his song compositions and sound design productions, which I’m happy to see attract a wider audience and clientele. While the word zany comes to mind when I think of his overall manner, as an engineer or producer he’s surefooted, organized, and knows how to push all the right buttons both literal and figurative.

Whether you consider yourself a devotee of new music or simply a curious ear, you’ll want to absorb the works on his site, which speak (sing, chime, wheeze, burble, and blat) for themselves. And by all means, hire him to record your songs, produce your symphony, score your movie, documentary, video, commercial… He does it all!”

Neil Martinson

Publisher / Band Leader / DJ