James Goode is a composer, musician, recording engineer, songwriter, sound designer, and voice-over artist based in Berkeley, California. He has produced electro-acoustic works for gallery, museum and private installations, as well as for dance, theater, live performance, radio, recorded media, and the Internet. Through James Goode Sound, which he founded in 2005, he has worked with actors, animators, choreographers, composers, curators, directors, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, writers, and others on a wide variety of projects.

Recent projects include The Legend of Pink (Aejay Mitchell / Theatre Rhinoceros); Café Stories (Philip Watt / The Unknown Players); OH Justice! (Lawrence Dillon / Dillonwood Productions / Impact Fund); The Fatales (Lauren Gunderson / Tracy Ward / Playwrights Foundation / Playwrights Festival); LEAR! (John Fisher / Theatre Rhinoceros / Yerba Buena Gardens Festival); The Roaring Girl, or Moll Cutpurse (Gaby Schneider / Theater of Others); Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the Musical (John Fisher / Theatre Rhinoceros); Ping Pong State of Mind (Molly Fletcher Lynch-Seaver / Maligrad Contemporary Dance Company); Trepans of Yore (Cole Palme / Joyful Noise Recordings White Label Series); HAUNTERS (Jon Schnitzer / The Brain Factory); MOUTHFEEL (James Goode); and The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident (Barry Eitel / James Nelson / FaultLine Theater).